About the process. . .

The process, pronounced “zhee-clay,” was developed at least a decade ago and involves inkjet printing, which is typically vGoghdone on fine art watercolor paper or canvas. Artists’ originals are scanned and reproduced via the computer. Giclee is a French word that can be translated to “fine spray.”

Giclee reproductions allow the artist to order prints-on-demand, ordering according to their needs and not what  their printer demands. They have a choice of media and their personal enhancement to make each print unique. Giclees can be numbered to create limited editions. We offer a Certificate of Authenticity to document the year of issue and the edition size for original works of art.

According to the Art Publishers Association,

“Giclee is the fastest growing segment of the fine arts market.”


How we do it. . .

]InKpressions Studio at PhotoGraphik has the ability to scan any size original artwork, photographs, transparencies, slides or negatives.

Scanning charges for Giclees include scan and color proof for artist/photographer’s approval. All proofs are held by us for future color comparisons. If you want a proof the cost is $5.

All prints have a small white border, if you have custom needs please advise us.

All print prices are based on finished paper size. Please pick the appropriate size for your prints, keeping in mind stretching and the amount of white border you prefer. All orders are handled on an individual basis.

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Scanning Charges
(determined by size of original)
• 8X10 – $20
• 11X14 – $20
• 12X18 – $25
• 16X20 – $35
• 20X24 – $60
• 22X30 – $85
• 24X36 – $105
• 30X40 – $120
• 24X48 – $135
• 36X48 – $175
Transparencies – $45 min.